Ideal Bust Intensive Serum, 120 ml

Rs. 2,175

Lambre Ideal Bust Intensive Serum

What is it: A firming and lifting serum that is your ‘invisible bra’. Ideal Bust improves the appearance of your breasts giving them a firm, toned and lifted look by creating a lifting micronet giving an instant push-up. The actives in the serum help to sculpt and shape the bust area so beautifully without the need for invasive cosmetic surgery. Within a week of using this potent serum you will notice changes in your shape and firmness. The serum gets absorbed into the skin and works at the subcutaneous layer of fat cells and stimulating the firming action.

Key actives at work:

The innovative Volufiline, developed from Asian gardenia plant gives the serum its amazing push-up and lifting properties.

Volufiline: Extracted from Gardenia Asiatica, this active stimulates the fat cells or adipocytes in the area which leads to accumulation of lipids in the bust areas that are sagging or are misshapen. This has a firming and lifting effect that restores the natural shape and suppleness of the area.

Hyalurosmooth: An active form of natural moisturiser Hyaluronic acid that smoothens the skin and enhances the natural collagen structure. Restores hydration to the skin.

Why you should use it: Due to weight loss you have noticed your breasts sagging, or your breasts look uneven or misshapen then regular use of this product will help improve the appearance. You will notice changes within 15 days of using this product your bust area looks smoother and firmer. After 4 weeks of regular use your bust becomes fuller and lifted.

How to use: Massage the serum on your bust area in a circular motion, going from base of the bust to the top. Then apply in your décolletage massaging from top of the breasts to the neck in firm upward strokes. Use this twice a day, morning and evening on cleansed skin.

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