Lambre Compact Powder Perfect Complexion In # 08 LATTE

Rs. 1,230


WHAT IS IT: A pressed powder to give your make-up base the perfect finish. It helps to set the foundation and allows the color cosmetics to look vibrant. The powder has a very pleasant fragrance and a silky texture that goes on smooth on the skin. This powder increases the staying power of the products. It gives the skin a velvety matte finish. It comes packed in a classic, gold case.

WHAT IT DOES: Sets your base and keep your makeup in place. The powder adapts to your skin tone, absorbs excess sebum and provides the perfect effect for long hours. It evens out the complexion, giving it a smooth matte finish. It has light reflecting particles that visually smooth imperfections and fine wrinkles.

HOW TO USE: Use the powder after you have applied your foundation. Take some powder in a powder brush and lightly dust it over your face, and neck. It can be reused, any time your skin feels greasy.

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