The first step to smooth, glowing skin is cleansing, toning and moisturising. It forms the basis of any healthy skin care regime. These steps are crucial if you want your skin to look radiant and feel supple at all times. While most of us are aware of the importance of the CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) routine, very few actually follow the steps. But if you want beautiful, soft skin then follow these three rules of cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day.

Rule #1: Cleanse your skin thoroughly

Get rid of dirt, grime, stale makeup and impurities from your skin. Throughout the day your skin is exposed to sun, dirt, pollutants, dead skin build-up. To keep skin healthy it’s important to use a face wash and or cleanser morning and night. This ensures that all dirt, grime, dead skin layer and skin-harming pollutants are removed. The pores are clean and your skin is able to breathe. This also helps in the skin renewal process, and gives you a clean, radiant look.

Products to try:Olive Oil Line Milk ideal for cleansing normal to dry skin; Evermatting Line Micellar Cleansing Water for oily, and combination skin; Pearl Milk for undernourished skin.

Rule #2: Tone your skin and close the pores

When you use a skin toner or a skin tonic, it conditions your skin and tighten pores. It also helps to remove excess sebum and residual impurities from your skin. Always apply the tonic with a cotton pad on your skin. Dab your skin with a cotton pad soaked in the skin tonic and then pat it in. This hydrates and firms the skin. There is a visible improvement in your skin texture if you use a toner regularly. Toning helps to minimizeopen pores and prevents clogging. It prepares your skin to better absorb the nutrients from your day cream or night cream. 

Products to try: Pearl Tonic for reviving dull, tired skin; TTO Line Tonic for refreshing oily, acne-prone skin; Olive Oil Line Tonic for soothing dry, dehydrated skin.

Rule #3: Moisturise to repair and restore your skin

Moisturising your skin replenishes lost nutrients and hydration. Using a relevant moisturiser helps to nourish skin and repair skin’s natural moisture barrier. A good moisturiser helps in the skin renewal process and strengthens the natural collagen structure; improves skin elasticity. It also takes away the feeling of dryness and tightness, which can damage skin. The right way to moisturise your skin is to use a serum first and then a moisturiser to keep skin looking and feeling its best.

Products to try: Ultra Hyaluronic Line Serum, Day Cream & Night Cream; Beauty Expert Morning Miracle Vitamin C Face Serum; Zen Supreme Protection Day Cream & Zen Advanced Repair Night Cream.