Monsoon means lots of rain, high humidity, greasy and oily skin. While the rains are refreshing after the hot summer sun, but the rainy season brings on its set of skin woes – open pores, oily skin, grey dull skin and more. What worked on your skin during the hot summer months may not be feasible during monsoon. Invest in products that help to improve monsoon skin conditions.

Step 1: Start with a cleanser. Use a mint-based, refreshing face wash. Creamy cleanser might make the skin feel heavy. Use micellar water and gel-based face washes. Do not forget

to remove your makeup at night as leaving on makeup can harm your skin.

Step 2: Close the pores:Use a skin toner or a skin tonic to prevent excess sebum and minimizing the pores. This helps to give skin a smooth, dewy appearance and improves texture.

Step 3: Get rid of dead skin layer.Exfoliate your skin twice a week to prevent dead skin layer build-up. Scrubbing your skin either with a face scrub or dry brushing your facial skin with a soft face brush helps to

Step 4: Do not forget to moisturise your skin.Apply lightweight, water-based moisturiser or serum during these humid days. A lightweight serum is a good option when your skin feels greasy, or sweaty. This will ensure your skin is nourished and hydrated. Pick up products with specific actives to help fight fine lines, dull skin or excessive oiliness.

Step 5: Protect your skin.Do not forget the sunscreen. While the sun might not be visible, but the UV rays still pass through the clouds and can cause photodamage that lead to pre-mature aging of skin. You can look for a light textured version though. There are also some gel variants that offer you protection without clogging your skin.

Things to take of during the rains

If you get caught in the rain, or have to trudge through water to get back home, the first thing you must remember to do is to dry up and then take a hit shower to get rid of dirt and hidden germs. Take special care of your hands and feet and keep them moisturised as well. If you like wearing makeup, then use waterproof and powder-based products as they keep the skin looking matte and do not smudge. Always keep sanitisers, wet wipes, small microfibre towel, face wash, compact and a lipstick in your purse to revive your look in case you get cause in the rain.

If you follow these steps and take the right care, no one can stop you from enjoying the refreshing rains!