There’s a thin line between a flawless complexion and looking like harlequin; and it all depends on how you pick your makeup base.

Selecting the perfect foundation is trickiest part of makeup. All the makeup experts say that one thing – choose your foundation, powder and concealer under natural daylight. This helps you decide your skin tone as well as lets you see how your skin will look once you apply the shade. Natural daylight does not hide or accentuate any pigment in the foundation which artificial lighting tends to do. Artificial lighting also tends to even out your own skin tone leading to wrong selection of colour. Here’s how you choose the right shade:

Tip # 1: Never try a foundation on your wrist unless you want to use it on your body. Pick three shades nearest to each other in tone that you feel will match your skin tone. 

Tip # 2: Apply on the centre of your face going towards the hair line and jawline. Go out in natural light and see the shade that almost vanishes in your skin. That’s the shade for you.

Tip # 3: Pick a shade to match your undertone. If you have warm undertone then pick a foundation with yellow hue. Choose a pink-toned foundation if you have cool undertones. Try neutral shade if you are confused about your undertone. 

Tip # 4: If you have oily skin pick a foundation that is oil-free and water-based. That will prevent any breakouts. 

Tip # 5: If you have dry skin pick a creamier version to prevent dry patches from appearing on your skin. Avoid powder-based foundations if you have dry skin or fine lines.

Tip # 6: Women with very dark skin mostly have two toned complexion – lighter on the T-Zone and a shade or two darker in the C-Zone. So you need two shades of foundation. Use the lighter tint on the centre of your face, and the darker one on the outer section and blend well.

Tip # 7: When choosing a powder, pick one as you would a foundation. Dust one on your jawline to see how well it blends. The one that gives you an invisible finish is the one for you.