Just because you are an adult you’ve not seen the last of acne, this skin condition can trouble you when you are no longer 14 but nearing 40. Stress, lifestyle issues and your own hormonal imbalance can lead to pimples sprouting. Welcome adult acne! In case of adult acne, your facial skin on certain area start to feel tender and painful to the touch before the pesky pimples appear.

Reasons why you get adult acne

This is a skin problem that strikes mostly women and some men as they near their 40’s. During this time, the hormones in our bodies start fluctuating which create an overall imbalance in the body, which leads to the acne issue. In women, stress, birth control pills, or the advent of perimenopause lead to hormonal imbalance, which in turn leads to acne eruptions. What really happens is that stress causes a hormonal imbalance which in turn upsets your body’s natural sebum production that can clog pores. The hormones can also lead to inflammation; all these put together can stimulate acne producing bacteria. Also, as you grow older your skin cell turnover slows down. This leads to your skin getting thicker dead skin layer than fresh skin. This layer then clogs pores which already have issues with irregular sebum production, the result is acne. And this applies to both women and men.

Adult acne vs teen zits

During the teenage years, the pimples appear on the T-zone that is the cheeks, nose and the forehead. When you get adult acne, the pimples appear on your C-Zone – the temples, sides of the face, and jawline. While zits during the teens appear almost overnight, adult acne can take 5 to 7 days before the actual pimple appears on skin. You are alerted of a bout of acne because the skin feels tender and looks red before the pimple actually appears. It may not even become a pustule like teenage acne. It could just remain there for quite some time and then subside leaving behind an acne blemish.

How to take care of adult acne

The first thing to do is to check the medication you might have started especially if those medications involve hormones. You might need to consult a doctor if you notice that acne is aggravated due to the medication. You will need to get your state of hormones checked.

Along with that start your skin care regime. Try to pick up products that have tea-tree oil in them, since this active has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that keep acne in check. Ensure that your skin is clean and not excessively greasy. Use a gentle skin cleanser. Use no more than twice daily. Look for cleansers that ensure that dead skin layer does not get deposited over your skin. Try Lambre TTO Line Cleansing Gel, that has gentle exfoliating action and removes dirt, impurities and dead skin layer, leaving your skin feeling fresh.

Do not skip the moisturiser. Use a gel-based tonic like TTO Line Tonic, with tea tree oil and chamomile extract that hydrates, soothes and protects skin from infection. It also moisturises your skin without making it greasy. When you notice the redness and spot appearing treat it with the TTO Line Spots Reducer a topical application cream with tea tree oil and purple cone flower extract that help to reduce the swelling and prevent inflammation.

One key thing to treat adult acne is to be regular with your skin care regime and ensuring you practice some de-stressing activities to keep your skin healthy.