Do you often suffer from flaky, itchy skin? Does your skin get chapped and taut easily? It’s what is called dry skin condition. Dry skin is not really harmful but can be quite uncomfortable to live with. Genes, stress, wrong eating habits, lack of hydration, sun exposure, aging process and lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking excessive alcohol can lead to skin losing moisture and getting dry and dehydrated. Here are seven easy to follow tips that can help your dry skin in a big way. Go on try them out:

Top tip # 1: Switch to using creamy cleansers as they are gentler on the skinand retain skin’s natural oil balance.

Top tip # 2: Give your skin extra dose of essential fatty acids by taking in fish oil capsules or Omega 3 supplements. It will ensure healthy skin from within.

Top tip # 3: Avoid using very hot water to wash your face and body. Use lukewarm water for cleansing.

Top tip # 4: Use a creamy moisturizer on your wet skin. This applies for both body and face. It seals in the much-needed moisture to the skin.

Top tip # 5: Exfoliate your face only once a week. Use a body scrub twice a week. Look for scrubs with micro granules. Slough off dead skin layer on your arms, legs thighs and back.

Top tip # 6: To keep very dry body skin soft, use a skin conditioner after bath or rub a little body oil all over. Rinse lightly and follow up with a regular body lotion.

Top tip # 7: To soften chapped lips use a little face scrub on your lips. Exfoliate gently then slather on a lip softening balm or cold cream on your lips.