Want soft supple skin? Revive it with this purifying regime

Pollutants, harsh sun’s rays and dirt can lead to dull, lifeless skin. Toxins from your diet and the free radicals caused by the UV rays can play havoc with your skin – the largest organ in your body. To keep your skin healthy and looking fresh, a weekly skin detox ritual is a must. 

Step 1 Squeaky clean skin: You have to remove dirt and impurities from skin on a daily basis. Use a facial cleanser twice a day. At night, it is important to remove your makeup thoroughly before washing your face 

Products to use: Lambre Pure Therapy Make-Up Remover Micellar Gel

Step 2 Exfoliate dead skin away: To remove dullness from skin, it is important to exfoliate skin twice or thrice a week. A gentle peeling gel helps to remove dead skin cells without hurting the skin. 

Products to use: Lambre Spa Amber Gel Peeling 

Step 3 Mask to revive skin: Tone, firm and repair your skin with sheet mask treatment. It helps to improve hydration levels in the skin, make skin supple and more flexible. Ideal way to refresh dull skin. Do this twice or thrice a week. 

Product to use: Lambre BioNanoCellulose Face Mask 

Step 4 Add a drop of serum: Revive your skin by infusing it with the goodness of vitamin enriched serum. Serum with higher potency of the actives delivers the goodness in a more effective way. Dab and tap few drops of the serum on to your skin for almost instant lift and plumpness. 

Product to use: Lambre Beauty Expert Morning Miracle 100% Vitamin C Power, Lambre Ultra Hyaluronic Line Exclusive Face Serum 

Step 5 Hydrate and moisturize: To have great skin it is important to supplement skin’s natural moisture mantle with added hydration. Using a moisturizer also protects skins lipid of natural oil barrier. Do that by using a day moisturizer and a night cream. Day cream helps to protect, while night cream helps to repair skin damage. 

Product to use: Lambre DNA Shot Line Day Cream, Lambre Zen Advanced Repair Night Cream UV product